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Selenite Yoni Egg Charging Kit:

Includes Selenite charging station, Cedar smudge wand, herbal cleansing bath (for your yoni eggs), pocket crystal, & crystal pouch. 

Selenite yoni egg charging stations cradle your cosmic yoni eggs perfectly, while infusing them with the amazing power of this beautiful crystal. Working with Selenite is an ideal way to cleanse and amplify the energy of your yoni eggs as well as any other crystals you may be working with. It is a self-cleansing stone and never needs to be recharged!

Selenite resonates at an extremely high frequency; it is a stone of purity and divine consciousness. 
This is a WONDERFUL stone for…
• Balancing and activating the chakras 
• Cleansing the aura
• Removing energy blockages 
• Clearing, activating, and amplifying the energy of other crystals 

Each yoni egg charging station measures about 50mmX20mm and is crafted from 100% pure Selenite. *This stone is very sensitive to water and will dissolve over time if continually exposed to water* 


Includes free U.S. shipping!

Yoni Egg Charging Kit

$50.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price


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