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This package includes a yoni egg of your choice, access to our womb meditation e-guide, yoni steam, incense, and a sustainably harvested smudge wand. Within this e-guide, you will learn how to properly cleanse and care for your yoni egg, initiate your practice with intention, explore different yoni egg techniques and meditations, and discover new resources that will encourage further exploration!


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Rose Quartz






Size Guide:

Small 30mmx20mm

Medium 40mmx30mm

Large 50mmx35mm


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Natural Crystal Yoni Eggs

The word yoni is an ancient Sanskrit term that describes the female reproductive system as a sacred temple. A realm of creative energy, a nucleus bursting forth with life, a nest that nurtures and sustains, a fountain of lifeblood. In Hebrew, the name yoni translates to “gift of God”.

Yoni eggs are made out of various gemstones and crystals and are hand-carved into the shape of an egg which symbolizes transformation, rebirth, purity, creation, and fertility.

The yoni egg is used vaginally for both meditation and exercise, There are many ways to personalize this practice and it is important to do what feels right for your own body.

Women have been working with yoni eggs for thousands of years, and still today, women worldwide use this practice to reclaim the sanctity of their wombs and have reported numerous benefits.

Each yoni egg is lovingly cleansed and prepared before shipping. I recommend performing your own cleansing ritual upon receiving your egg. You can also set a prayerful intention or blessing at this time. Each order comes with instructions on how to cleanse and use your yoni egg, as well as many other resources.

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

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