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Crystal Infused Breast and Womb Massage Oil: Crystal-Infused with Rose Quartz in Each Bottle!

*This organic elixir offers a special blend of Sweet Almond Oil infused with Lavender, Oregano, Rosemary, Rose Petals and Calendula. Each bottle also contains Rose Quartz crystals to bring you even more love!* 

Breast massage is an integral aspect of nurturing the whole woman and awakening the Divine Feminine within. When we give loving touch to our breasts we release emotional trauma, detoxify our lymphatic system, and help bring our hormones into balance. Through this practice, we also awaken our sexual and creative energies which can be used to manifest the world we wish to see. Combining sacred breast massage with your yoni egg practice is especially powerful as it connects the womb center to your heart, and helps to balance these chakras. 

This oil can also be used for womb massage which is another wonderful practice that you can incorporate into your self-care routine. Womb massage can help release any tension or trauma held within the womb and is also wonderful for relieving menstrual pain. Most importantly, this practice is a way to honor and love your divine self! 


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Organic Breast and Womb Massage Oil



    Imagine a world where every woman had a

    Each purchase includes a free month of Lunar Yoga by Yoga with Kassandra! This amazing program offers online New and Full Moon yoga classes, meditations, and journaling exercises that can help you dive even further into your journey of self-discovery

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