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Breast & Womb Massage Oil

Crystal-infused with rose quartz in each bottle!

This organic oil offers a special blend of Sweet Almond Oil infused with Lavender, Oregano, Rosemary, and Rose Petals.

Made with whole organic herbs, never essential oils

Breast massage is integral to nurturing the whole woman, releasing emotional trauma, detoxifying the lymphatic system, and helping to bring our hormones into balance.

Combining breast massage with your yoni egg practice is especially powerful as it connects the womb to the heart, and helps to bring these two forces into harmony.

This oil can also be used for womb massage, which is a wonderful practice to incorporate into your self-care routine. Womb massage can help release any tension or trauma held within the womb and is also great for relieving menstrual pain.

To massage breasts start with small circular motions working your way outward. Alternate between clockwise and counterclockwise circles. To massage the womb place hands about three fingers width below the belly button and follow with the same motions.

Remember to breathe deeply and relax...

This is your time.

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