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Image by Jane Duursma


Womb Meditations
( Done with or without a yoni egg)
Lay on your back with one hand on your heart and one hand over your womb
Breathe deeply and envision a beautiful light expanding within your body
Surround yourself with that light
Focus your breath down into your womb
As you exhale, release!

Sacred Temple
My body is a sacred temple
My womb is made in the image of God
I am life
I am rebirth
I shed what is no longer needed
I grow again

In The Womb of God
I am cradled in the womb of God

I am safe
I am secure
I am nurtured

I am whole
I am loved

I Became Light
(Open Your Eyes)

In the dark silence, I was formed

In the womb of wisdom, I became light

I am a manifestation of God

It multiplies within me


Breath of Life
In the beginning
wisdom was there
She is the breath of the power
She is the breath of life


Showers of Blessings
I receive showers of blessings
I am thankful
I am thankful

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